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Org mode for Emacs – Community

Org mode is for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, planning projects, and authoring documents with a fast and effective plain-text system.

Mailing list and IRC channel


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The mailing list is the central place for anything related to Org: help users, report bugs, suggest new features, etc. Don't hesitate!

Users also discuss on the #org-mode IRC channel on freenode.


"Hello Worg !"


~$ git clone https://code.orgmode.org/bzg/worg.git

Worg is a community-driven Git repository of .org pages published as a HTML website.

Think of a wiki, powered by Git and Emacs+Org.

You can browse Worg here.

You can read the list of changes from here.

New contributors are welcome – just create a user on https://code.orgmode.org and ask to be added as a collaborator.


Google Summer of Code


In 2012, two students successfully achieved an Org mode Google Summer of Code project.

Read the summary email about their achievements.

Aurélien Aptel wrote a tool to synchronize keep local Org files in sync with several online bug trackers.

Andrew Young wrote a merge driver for Org files.

This is useful if you have a Git repository of Org files or even just a README.org file in your project.



Herbert Sitz wrote VimOrganizer, a Vim plugin emulating many of the Org features.

Check out the many screencasts were VimOrganizer is demonstrated.



Twitter, G+ and the Org shirt!


Takaaki Ishikawa is maintaining @orgmode\bot on Twitter and you can generally check #orgmode.

There is also a Google+ page for Org mode (see screenshot).

Many people ask questions about Org mode on stackoverflow.com, which is nice, but we do encourage people to ask questions directly on the .

If you want to find other Org friends around, one way is to wear the famous Org shirt. You can buy it from the US or from Europe.